DLG maintains a diverse and determined litigation practice ready to represent the interests of its clients. Unlike many firms, DLG represents both plaintiffs and defendants. This duality gives DLG a realistic persepective in trial preparation and also assists DLG in being able to understand not only its client's case, but also the case of its client's opponent. This comprehensive understanding of both sides of the case enables DLG to provide its clients the most effective representation possible. 


Appellate Litigation

Joseph is expereienced in handling appeals at the state and federal level. By understanding the intricacies between appellate and trial litigation, Joseph easily is able to continue representing clients post-trial as well as those clients who retain him for the first time on appeal. DLG knows the value of focused and persuasive written and oral advocacy in appellate courts. Joseph has learned from some of the state's top appellate litigators how to idenitfy and frame legal issues in a clear and flowing way that improves clients' chances of success.  


Business Litigation

With degrees in business and international trade, Joseph is very knowledgeable about businesses and the issues that may arise during their life cycles. Armed with this knowledge, Joseph is able to approach litigation with a business mindset to resolve disputes with minimal costs to the client. Joseph represents corporate, governmental, non-profit, and individual clients in business disputes and litigation. From simple breach of contract claims to complex governmental procurement cases, Joseph is able to handle your complex business litigation.


Construction Litigation

Understanding the terminology and the process is half the  battle, if not all, when it comes to construction litigation. Joseph understands the language used in construction and has experience navigating complex issues that arise in small to multi-million dollar construction projects. Joseph's experience ranges from litigating claims by or against owners, developers, contractors, architects, and other construction professionals. When litigation seems imminent, Joseph is prepared to timely assist and attempt to resolve issues prior to involving the client in protracted litigation.


Employment Litigation

Labor and employment litigation often involves time pressure. Issues like sexual harassment and workplace violence demand immediate attention, and we provide it. DLG has experience representing employees and employers in discrimination claims, wrongful termination claims and breach of contract claims. 


Higher Education and School District Litigation

The son of educators, Joseph has an abundance of knowledge concerning the operations of educations institutions from the local school district level to the university level. In addition, Joseph worked for over 4 years at a top education law boutique firm where he gained tremendous experience providing quality, full-service legal representation to many educational institutions across the state of South Carolina. Joseph understands the challenges educational institutions face during the school year and outside of the school year.  In addition to employment, procurement and policy issues, DLG can handle board-administration relations, including contract development and employee evaluation and tenure issues.


Local Government Litigation

Joseph has experience representing governmental entities including the State of South Carolina and its agencies and institutions, as well as counties, municipalities, and school districts in various types of litigation. Having regularly advised and presented on issues such as the Freedom of Information Act, procurement and municipal finance, employment and contract issues, reduction in force decisions, intergovernmental agreements, and budgetary matters, Joseph understands how state and local governments work at the administrative and legislative levels.  

Personal Injury and General Tort Litigation

DLG regularly litigates in all state and federal courts in South Carolina. Because Joseph is experienced serving as  both plaintiff’s counsel and defense counsel, he understands the legal issues on either side which enable him to defend or pursue any case.